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People drive business but getting it right is hard

Poor employee performance, turnover, and disengagement – all of these employee issues can be improved to help drive better business results.

Why does this keep happening?

Employee problems keep happening because business leaders don’t have the proper team information at their fingertips to make the best people decisions.

How can I fix it?

We’ve been spending the past 13 years working on these challenges and we have the answer. We built Insights Work to provide you with the right information at the right time to help you make better people decisions.

Make the right people decisions with a predictive solution that works!

Whether you’re hiring or focused on your current team, our predictive system provides you with the critical information you need to make the best people decisions fast. More than 5,000 companies have used it and they’ve seen a 70% increase in ROI. Employees are your biggest and most important investment, so let us help you build, retain and grow the optimal team!

Predict People Success

Insights Work supports managers with easy-to-use tools to support effective hiring, promotion, and planning to get the most from your team.

Use what you need to drive your business

Hire the right people

Huge pile of candidates? Right hiring decision? Will the candidate be good now and in the future?

Most businesses get hiring decisions wrong too often, and that’s why IW instantly reviews all of your candidates and puts the ones with the best chance of success at the top of your list.

We show you the common success attributes of your top people.
Candidates are compared to your formula for success and ranked accordingly.
Easily access detailed insights on any candidate.
Select the right people for the right jobs!

Keep your best people

Discover your formula for success and uncover leadership potential

When your employees succeed, you succeed. But do you have the right plans to keep your best people and continue to have them grow within your organization?

Our system shows you how your employees match available roles.
Show them where they can go next by identifying potential career directions.
Empower your people to prepare for a future that leverages their abilities.
Custom Development guides to help maximize their potential!

Maximize the performance of your team

Do your teams work well together? Is there a bad apple causing a negative ripple effect? Which employees could make a good manager?

IW can give you answers for each employee and team, allowing you to quickly understand where the challenges and opportunities are.

Understand and compare employees, or entire teams.
Analyze specific employees and see what makes them unique

Make insights work for you.

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Get the help you need, every step of the way

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