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Whether you’re a small business, career coach, outplacement professional or recruiter – InsightsWork will help you drive meaningful results, and provides a best in class experience for your people.

Increase speed to hire
Increase performance and significantly reduce turnover
Position yourself and your organization as leader
Engage your people during phases of transition
Empower your people to prepare for a future that leverages their skills, talents, interests and values.
Show your people where they can go next by identifying new career directions and how to get there.

Make insights work for you.

Slide Each of our plans include all of these powerful features to support both you and your people: Managers, Coaches & Recruiter Features
Key Personal Insights Summary
Career Discovery Hub
Recommended Upskilling Opportunities
Goal Setting and Tracking
Career Abstract Reports
Learning and Development Resources
Candidates & Employee Features Hiring and Onboarding Module
Customized Hiring Guides
Customized Development Reports
Career and Workforce Planning Module
Standard Role Benchmarks
Advanced Benchmark Scoring

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Insights Work hard, so you can work smart.

Most companies get people decisions wrong more than 50% of the time.

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Elevate your people game with predictive people data

Insights Work supports managers, career coaches, outplacement and recruiters, with tools to support effective hiring, onboarding, workforce planning, career-pathing and learning and development.

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